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1000 Hman tam bikmi tongtluan

Mirang / Chin Muang Mirang tongkel

Amy is John's girlfriend.

Amy cu John ih fala a si.

He always does that for me.

I tuah sak ring ring.

He broke the window.

Sangkaa te a ti kiak.

He doesn't look like a nurse.

Nurse a bang lo.

He has a nice car.

Mawtaw tha ngai ngai a nei.

He never gives me anything.

Zianghman I pe dah lo.

He said this is a nice place.

Hi tawk hi hmun nuam a si a ti.

He's an American.

Amah cu America mi asi

He's a very good student.

Amah cu tlawngta tha a si.

He's faster than me.

Kei hnak in a rang sawn.

He thinks we don't want to go.

Kan duh lo ti'n a ruat.

His room is very small.

A khaan cu a fate tuk.

His son.

A fapa.

How are your parents?

Na nu le pa an dam maw?

How do I use this?

Himi ziang ti'n ka hmang ding.

I came with my family.

Kan sungkua in kan ra.

I'd like to exchange this for Dollars.

Hi hi Dollars thaw thleng ka duh.

I'd like to use the internet

Internet hman ka duh.

I don't have time right now.

Atu cu can ka nei lo.

I don't know.

Ka thei lo.

I have money.

Peisa ka nei.

I haven't had lunch yet.

Suncaw ka ei hrih lo.

I have to go to the post office.

Post office ih feh ka tul.

I like Italian food.

Italy rawl ka duh.

I live in California.

California ah ka um.

I'll talk to you soon.

Reihlan ah ka lo be ding.

I made a mistake.

Thil ka ti sual.

I'm bored.

Ka ning.

I'm going to America next year.

Hmai kum ah America ah ka feh ding.

I'm going to go have dinner.

Zanriah ka ei ding.

I'm tired.

Ka baang.

I'm very well, thank you.

Ka tha nasa, lungawi.

I need another key.

Tawh dang ka tul.

I need this to get there by tomorrow.

Hi hi thaisun ah ka thlenpi a tul.

I need to go now.

Tu ih ka feh a tul.

Is it suppose to rain tomorrow?

Thaisun khi ruah sur ding a si maw?

Is John there please? (phone call)

Khanah John a um maw? (Phone thawn)

Is this a safe area?

Hi tawk hi hmun him a si maw?

Is this Mr. Smith?

Hi hi Pu. Smith a si maw?

Is this the bus to New York?

Hi hi New York fehnak bus a si maw?

Is this your book?

Hi hi nang mai cabu a si maw?

I still have to brush my teeth and take a shower.

Kaa thuah le tak khawlh ka tul lai.

Is your father home?

Na pa inn ah um maw?

I think so.

Ka zum ko.

I think those shoes are very good looking.

Kha kedam pawl cu an mawi zet ti'n ka ruat.

It's very windy.

Thli a hrang tuk.

It takes 2 hours by car.

Mawtaw thawn nazi 2 a rei

I've never done that.

Ka tuah dah lo.

I've worked there for five years.

Cunah kum 5 hna ka tuan zo.

I want to buy something.

Ziang si maw ka lei duh.

I want to contact our embassy.

Kan ram embassy ka contact duh.

I want to send this package to the United States.

Hi hi United States ah ka kuat duh.

I want to show you something.

Ziang si maw lo hmuh ka duh.

I went to the supermarket, and then to the computer store.

Supermarket ah ka feh ih, cumi hnu ah Computer dawr ah.

My car isn't working.

Ka mawtaw a tha lo.

Nobody is helping us.

Zohman in bawm lo.

Nobody is there right now.

Tu cu zohman an um lo.

One like that.

Kha mi vek pakhat.

Open the door.

Sangkaa ong aw.

Open the window.

Sangkaate ong aw.

Pick up your clothes.

Na hnipuan pawl khawm aw.


Zangfah te'n.

Please count this for me.

Zangfah te'n I siar sak aw.

Please tell her John called.

Zangfah te'n John in a lo phone ti I sim sak aw.

Please tell me.

Zangfah te'n I sim aw.

Please wait for me.

Zangfah te'n I hngak aw.

She's going with me tomorrow.

Thaisun ah ka hnen ah a ra ve ding.

Some books.

Cabu malte.

Someone does that for me.

Zo in si maw I tuah sak.

Someone is coming.

Zo si maw a ra rero.

Sorry, I don't have a pencil.

Sorry, pencil ka nei lo.

Start the car.

Mawtaw on aw he.

Take me downtown.

Downtown ah I feh pi aw.

Tell him that I need to talk to him.

Amah ka biak a tul ti rak sim aw.

That car over there is mine.

Khi tawk ih mawtaw hi ka ta a si.

That looks old.

Zoh ah a tar.

That's a good school.

Tlawng tha a si.

That's her book.

Kha mi amai ca bu.

That's not enough.

A tawk hrih lo.

The car is fixed.

Mawtaw cu an rem zo.

These books are ours.

Hi cabu pawl hi kan ta an si.

The TV is broken.

TV a kek.

They haven't met her yet.

An hmu hrih lo.

They're planning to come next year.

Hmai kum ih rat an tum.

They're waiting for us.

Kanmah in hngak rero.

This room is a mess.

Hi khaan cu a baal tuk.

Those men are speaking English.

Khi mipa pawl in mirang tong an tong.

What color is that car?

Khimi mawtaw ih rong cu zaing rong si?

What do you think of these shoes?

Himi kedam pawl ziang ti'n na ruat? (tha na ti maw?)

When would you like to meet?

Ziang tik ih hmuh awk na duh?

Where does your wife work?

Nan nu khui ah hna a tuan?

Where is Main Street?

Khui tawk si Main Street?

Where is my shirt?

Khui ah si ka angki?

Where is the bus station?

Bus station hi khui ah si?

Which road should I take?

Khui zin si ka zawh ding?

You're right.

Na dik.

Your house is very nice.

Nan inn cu a tha tuk.