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1000 Mirang tongtluan hman tam bik mi

Tongluan awsuah ngai na duh le cakawm sungih tongtluan kha thawfung thawn hmet aw. Tongfang aw-suah ngai na duh le a tongfang parah na thawhfung hmet aw. Mirang tongfang ih san thei na duh mi a tongfang parah hmet aw.


A phunphun in then mi pawl:

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Chin/Mirang (Thup)
Aw-suah (Muang)
Aw-suah (tongkel)
Malte (siar theih mi simnak).
A few.
Malte (siar theih lomi-ti, caw hnawi tvp).
A little.
Kan dung reipi ah.
A long time ago.
Feh lam hrang lawng tiket.
A one way ticket.
Tlun lam le feh lam tiket.
A round trip ticket.
Kilometer 300 hrawng.
About 300 kilometers.
Post Office ih khat lam ah.
Across from the post office.
All day.
Dik te'n ka sal maw?.
Am I pronouncing it correctly?
Amy cu John ih fala a si.
Amy is John's girlfriend.
And you?
Thil dangteh?
Anything else?
Concert a um maw?
Are there any concerts?
Tui tlai lam an ra kem?
Are they coming this evening?
An bang aw maw?
Are they the same?
Na tih maw?
Are you afraid?
Pakhatkhat hal mi na nei maw?
Are you allergic to anything?
American mi na si maw?
Are you American?
Na buai maw?
Are you busy?
Na remcang ko maw?
Are you comfortable?
Tu tlai lam na ra kem?
Are you coming this evening?
Tu zan na man maw?
Are you free tonight?
An neih awknak ah na tel kem?
Are you going to attend their wedding?
Aman nu cu na bawm kem?
Are you going to help her?
Vanzam maw tlangleng in saw na feh ding?
Are you going to take a plane or train?
Hinah nangmah lawng maw?
Are you here alone?
Na rilrawng maw?
Are you hungry?
Nupi/pasal na nei maw?/ Innsang na nei maw?
Are you married?
Na tha ko maw?
Are you okay?
Na man maw?
Are you ready?
Na na/dam lo maw si?
Are you sick?
Na fiang/ciang maw?
Are you sure?
Hngah mi na nei maw si?
Are you waiting for someone?
Tuisun hna na tuan kem?
Are you working today?
Thaisun hna na tuan kem?
Are you working Tomorrow?
Na fanau pawl na hnen ah maw an um?
Are your children with you?
A ngah ve te'n.
As soon as possible.
Sunhnu nazi 3 ah.
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Nazi 3 ah.
At 3 o'clock.
5th Street ah.
At 5th street.
Zan lam nazi 7 ah.
At 7 o'clock at night.
Zing nazi 7 ah.
At 7 o'clock in the morning.
Ziang tik ah a cang?
At what time did it happen?
Ziang tikcu ah?
At what time?

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