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Zirnak 61 - Doctor zung feh.

Zirnak zaten nitin biak sawn awknak ih hman mi an si. Tongluan awsuah ngai na duh le cakawm sungih tongtluan kha thawfung thawn hmet aw. Tongfang aw-suah ngai na duh le a tongfang parah na thawhfung hmet aw. Mirang tongfang ih san thei na duh mi a tongfang parah hmet aw.

Biak sawn awknak

Tongdan kel ten:

Muang te tongmi:

Biak sawn awknak tongtluan

Chin/Mirang (Thup)
Aw-suah (Muang)
Aw-suah (tongkel)
Doctor Hello Pi. Wilson.
Hello Mrs. Wilson.
Mrs. Wilson Hi Sibawi.
Hi Doctor.
Doctor Ziang ti'n na um?
How are you feeling?
Mrs. Wilson Ka nuam aw lo.
I don't feel good.
Doctor Ziangha lo ti nuam lo tu?
What's bothering you?
Mrs. Wilson Ka pum le a luu a na.
I have a stomachache and a headache.
Doctor Khui tawk si na?
Where does it hurt?
Mrs. Wilson Hi tawk hi.
Doctor Khawsik na nei maw?
Do you have a fever?
Mrs. Wilson Nei lo.
No, I don't think so.
Doctor Ka dang ka zoh ke. Na kaa aang. Ka dang a sen. A na maw?
OK. Let me look at your throat. Open your mouth. Your throat's red. Does it hurt?
Mrs. Wilson Aw. Na ee.
Yes. It's sore.
Doctor Ziang tik in hi tin na um thok?
When did it start to feel this way?
Mrs. Wilson Kan dung zarh in.
Last week.
Doctor Hrik na nei si ding. Tlanghri a si men thei. Sii ei ding ka lo ngan ding maw.
I think you have a virus. It might be the flu. I'm going to give you a prescription for some medicine.
Mrs. Wilson Lugawi.
Thank you.
Doctor Cawl huah hi aw la, tidai le lingmaw ti kha tampi'n in aw.
Try to get some rest, and be sure to drink lots of water and orange juice.

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