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EnglishSpeak.com launches free website for learning spoken English



EnglishSpeak.com launches free website for learning spoken english

Cambridge, MA -- December 10, 2008 – Students of English have a new free website to help them learn to speak English. Englishspeak.com makes learning to speak English easy by giving users access to thousands of audio files that include the most common dialogs and phrases used in daily life.

"The most important skill for success in English speaking countries is the ability to speak English well. If you can speak English well, you will have greater opportunities and people will treat you better." says Jim Miller, spokesman for Englishspeak.com.

Developed by InstantSpeak LLC, a recognized leader in the language training field, Englishspeak.com was developed out of a need for English training created by native speakers.

"Many books that teach English are written by people who are not native English speakers, so people that use these books sound strange when they talk. Englishspeak.com was created by native speakers and the dialogs used cover the most common daily situations," Miller added.

The Englishspeak.com website puts a strong emphasis on pronunciation. If the user places the cursor on any word from a dialog or sentence, the audio file pronouncing the word will play. Sentences can be played individually or as part of a conversation. Users can also listen to each conversation and sentence at normal and slow speeds.

The course has been been translated into Chinese and Spanish with more languages to come. Users can access the translations by clicking the link for their language at the top of each page. Additional notes for each dialog are also provided in Chinese and Spanish and can be accessed at the bottom of each dialog.

Englishspeak.com also features vocabulary and phrase sections that include audio files for over 2500 of the most frequently used English words and phrases.



Website (All content is free):
Learn English - http://www.englishspeak.com


List of lessons:
English Lessons - http://www.englishspeak.com/english-lessons.cfm

Sample Lesson:
English Lesson - I'll take you to work.

Media Contacts:
Jim Miller, media contact for englishspeak.com, http://www.englishspeak.com/support.cfm

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