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1000 Most Common English Phrases
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Did it snow yesterday?
Did you come with your family?
Did you get my email?
Did you send me flowers?
Did you take your medicine?
Did your wife like California?
Do you accept U.S. Dollars?
Do you believe that?
Do you feel better?
Do you go to Florida often?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Do you have a pencil?
Do you have a problem?
Do you have a swimming pool?
Do you have an appointment?
Do you have another one?
Do you have any children?
Do you have any coffee?
Do you have any money?
Do you have any vacancies?
Do you have anything cheaper?
Do you have enough money?
Do you have the number for a taxi?
Do you have this in size 11?
Do you hear that?
Do you know her?
Do you know how much it costs?
Do you know how to cook?
Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel?
Do you know what this means?
Do you know what this says?
Do you know where I can get a taxi?
Do you know where my glasses are?
Do you know where she is?
Do you know where there's a store that sells towels?
Do you like it here?
Do you like the book?
Do you like to watch TV?
Do you like your boss?
Do you like your co-workers?
Do you need anything else?
Do you need anything?
Do you play any sports?
Do you play basketball?
Do you sell batteries?
Do you sell medicine?
Do you smoke?
Do you speak English?
Do you study English?
Do you take credit cards?
Do you think it'll rain today?
Do you think it's going to rain tomorrow?
Do you think it's possible?
Do you think you'll be back by 11:30?
Do you understand?
Do you want me to come and pick you up?
Do you want to come with me?
Do you want to go to the movies?
Do you want to go with me?
Does anyone here speak English?
Does he like the school?
Does it often snow in the winter in Massachusetts?
Does this road go to New York?
Don't do that.
Don't worry.

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