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1000 Most Common English Phrases
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Call me.
Call the police.
Can I access the Internet here?
Can I borrow some money?
Can I bring my friend?
Can I have a glass of water please?
Can I have a receipt please?
Can I have the bill please?
Can I help you?
Can I make an appointment for next Wednesday?
Can I see your passport please?
Can I take a message?
Can I try it on?
Can I use your phone?
Can it be cheaper?
Can we have a menu please.
Can we have some more bread please?
Can we sit over there?
Can you call back later?
Can you call me back later?
Can you carry this for me?
Can you do me a favor?
Can you fix this?
Can you give me an example?
Can you help me?
Can you hold this for me?
Can you please say that again?
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Can you repeat that please?
Can you show me?
Can you speak louder please?
Can you swim?
Can you throw that away for me?
Can you translate this for me?
Chicago is very different from Boston.
Come here.

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