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Lesson 94 - What's your favorite sport?
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Stephanie : What's your favorite sport?
Frank : I like basketball. I watch the games on TV all the time.
Stephanie : Who's your favorite team?
Frank : The Boston Celtics.
Stephanie : They're really good this year, aren't they?
Frank : Yes. Do you like them?
Stephanie : Yes. Everyone around here does.
Frank : Do you think they'll win the championship this year?
Stephanie : It's possible. They have some really good players.
Frank : Did you watch the game last night?
Stephanie : A little, not the whole thing. I watched the second half though and I saw some of the highlights online.
Frank : It was a great game, wasn't it?
Stephanie : Yeah. Do you know who they're playing tomorrow night?
Frank : I think their playing LA.
Stephanie : That's going to be a tough game. LA has a good team.

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