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Lesson 83 - I'm getting fat.
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Dan : Wow, I'm really getting fat.
Melissa : You don't look fat.
Dan : Yes, but I am. I've gained 10 pounds in the last two months. Look at my stomach.
Melissa : How much do you weigh?
Dan : I think about 170 pounds.
Melissa : What kind of foods do you eat?
Dan : I usually have pasta for dinner. Sometimes I get take-out or fast food if I don't have enough time to cook.
Melissa : I was reading a diet book the other day. It said that if you eat meat and nothing else, you'll lose weight quickly.
Dan : Wow, does that work?
Melissa : I don't know, but someone told me they tried it and lost 20 pounds.
Dan : That sounds good, but I'm not sure how long I could do that.
Melissa : I know, once you start eating vegetables and bread again you'll probably start gaining weight.
Dan : Well, I think I'm going to try it anyway. Who's the author?
Melissa : I can't remember. It's not that popular anymore. When I get home I'll check and give you a call.

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