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Lesson 41 - The food tastes great.
Each lesson/dialog comes from a common daily situation. To hear a sentence pronounced, click the sound icon in the audio column. To hear a word pronounced, place the cursor over a word. To see the meaning of a word, click on the word.

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Patrick : How do you like the food?
Diane : It tastes really great. Did you cook it?
Patrick : Yes. I made it this afternoon. Would you like some more?
Diane : OK, just a little though. I'm really full.
Patrick : Oh. Would you like some soup instead?
Diane : What kind is it?
Patrick : Tomato and rice. Have you had that before?
Diane : No. This is my first time. How does it taste?
Patrick : It's good, try it. What do you think?
Diane : Wow. It is good. Did you make that also?
Patrick : Yes.
Diane : You're a really good cook.
Patrick : Thanks, next time I'll make chicken soup for us.
Diane : That sounds good. Did you study cooking in school?
Patrick : No, I learned by myself. I have a good cook book that I read when I have time.

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