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Lesson 36 - I need to do laundry.
Each lesson/dialog comes from a common daily situation. To hear a sentence pronounced, click the sound icon in the audio column. To hear a word pronounced, place the cursor over a word. To see the meaning of a word, click on the word.

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Eric : Hi Anna, come in.
Ana : Wow, your apartment is a mess.
Eric : I know, I didn't have time to put things away before you got here.
Ana : Look! Are those all your clothes on the couch?
Eric : Yes.
Ana : Are they clean?
Eric : Actually most of them are dirty. I haven't done laundry in a while. I usually wait until I can do it at my parent's house.
Ana : My sister and I usually go to the laundromat down the street. Why don't you go there?
Eric : I know I should, but that place isn't very convenient. You have to wait for a long time.
Ana : Yes I know. I have to do it every week. Anyway, are you ready to go?
Eric : No I'm not ready yet. I still have to brush my teeth and wash my face. Can you wait for a few minutes?
Ana : OK, but please hurry. I think the restaurant is closing soon.

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