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Lesson 13 - How have you been?
Each lesson/dialog comes from a common daily situation. To hear a sentence pronounced, click the sound icon in the audio column. To hear a word pronounced, place the cursor over a word. To see the meaning of a word, click on the word.

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Karen : Hello Richard.
Richard : Hi Karen.
Karen : How have you been?
Richard : Not too good.
Karen : Why?
Richard : I'm sick.
Karen : Sorry to hear that.
Richard : Its OK. Its not serious.
Karen : That's good. How's your wife?
Richard : She's good.
Karen : Is she in America now?
Richard : No, she's not here yet.
Karen : Where is she?
Richard : She's in Canada with our kids.
Karen : I see. I have to go now. Please tell your wife I said hi.
Richard : OK, I'll talk to you later.
Karen : I hope you feel better.
Richard : Thanks.

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