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1000 Mirang tongtluan hman tam bik mi

Tongluan awsuah ngai na duh le cakawm sungih tongtluan kha thawfung thawn hmet aw. Tongfang aw-suah ngai na duh le a tongfang parah na thawhfung hmet aw. Mirang tongfang ih san thei na duh mi a tongfang parah hmet aw.


A phunphun in then mi pawl:

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Chin/Mirang (Thup)
Aw-suah (Muang)
Aw-suah (tongkel)
Suahni Lungawi um.
Happy Birthday.
Na nu California ah a feh dah maw?
Has your brother been to California?
Lam tluang te'n.
Have a good trip.
Amah nu an tong zo maw?
Have they met her yet?
Na ra thleng zo maw?
Have you arrived?
Boston na feh dah maw?
Have you been to Boston?
Na hnak rei zo maw?
Have you been waiting long?
Tuhlan ah na tuah dah maw?
Have you done this before?
Khami rawl dawr ah rawl na ei dah maw?
Have you eaten at that restaurant?
Na ei zo maw?
Have you eaten yet?
Alu hang na in dah maw?
Have you ever had Potato soup?
Ca zoh na theh zo maw?
Have you finished studying?
Himi zatkaa na zoh zo maw?
Have you seen this movie?
I tuah sak ring ring.
He always does that for me.
Sangkaa te a ti kiak.
He broke the window.
Nurse a bang lo.
He doesn't look like a nurse.
Mawtaw tha ngai ngai a nei.
He has a nice car.
A duh nasa
He likes it very much.
Theiti a duh nan caw hnuawi a duh lo.
He likes juice but he doesn't like milk
Hnipuan thar a tul.
He needs some new clothes.
Zianghman I pe dah lo.
He never gives me anything.
Hi tawk hi hmun nuam a si a ti.
He said this is a nice place.
Zuknung na zoh duh a lo ti.
He said you like to watch movies.
Boston Phunsangtlawng ah ca a zir.
He studies at Boston University.
Kan duh lo ti'n a ruat.
He thinks we don't want to go.
New York ih computer company ah hna a tuan.
He works at a computer company in New York.
Minute 20 sung ah a ra kir ding.
He'll be back in 20 minutes.
In bawm uh!
Hi nah na salad.
Here is your salad.
Kha le.
Here it is.
Himi si ko.
Here you are.
Khale, hinah na number.
Here's my number.
Khale, hinah na thil cah mi.
Here's your order.
Amah cu tlawngta tha a si.
He's a very good student.
Amah cu America mi asi
He's an American.
Amah cu Engineer a si
He's an Engineer.
A ra cing ding.
He's coming soon.
Kei hnak in a rang sawn.
He's faster than me.
Coka ah a um.
He's in the kitchen.
America a feh dah lo.
He's never been to America.
Amah tufang a um lo.
He's not in right now.
Amah a dik.
He's right.
Mi a hnaihnok tuk.
He's very annoying.
A hmin thang ngai ngai.
He's very famous.
Mi law zet a si.
He's very hard working.
Hi! Pi. Smith a um maw?
Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please?
A sungkua pawl thaisun ah an ra ding.
His family is coming tomorrow.
A khaan cu a fate tuk.
His room is very small.
A fapa.
His son.
Zarhte ni teh ziang a bang?
How about Saturday?
Ziang ti'n aman na pe ding?
How are you paying?
Na dam maw?
How are you?
Na nu le pa an dam maw?
How are your parents?
Ziang te'n cu tawk ka feh ding?
How do I get there?
Daniel Street ziang ti'n ka thleng thei ding?
How do I get to Daniel Street?
American Embassy ziang ti'n kan thleng ding?
How do I get to the American Embassy?
Himi ziang ti'n ka hmang ding.
How do I use this?
Ziang ti'n maw ka thei ding?
How do you know?
Khami kha ziang ti ih aw suah ter ding ha?
How do you pronounce that?
Mirang tong in ziang ti'n si nan ti?
How do you say it in English?
A cafang kom ziang ti'n si?
How do you spell it?
"Seattle" cafang kom dan ziang ti'n si?
How do you spell the word Seattle?
Ziang a bang? (ei le in a thaw, a thlum, a al tvp relnak).
How does it taste?
Chicago ziang tluk in a hla?
How far is it to Chicago?
Ziang tluk hla si?
How far is it?
Amah nu ziang a bang?
How is she?
California ah ziang tik tiang na caam ding?
How long are you going to stay in California?
Ziang tik tiang na caam ding?
How long are you going to stay?
Mawtaw thawn feh ah ziang tluk a rei?
How long does it take by car?
Georgia thlen ding ah ziang tluk a rei?
How long does it take to get to Georgia?
Hi tawk na um nak a rei zo maw?
How long have you been here?
America ih na umnak a rei zo maw?
How long have you been in America?
Hi tawk ah ziang tluk rei na um zo?
How long have you lived here?
Hi tawk ah ziang tluk rei hna na tuan zo?
How long have you worked here?
Ziang tluk rei si?
How long is it?
Vanzam ziang ti tluk a rei?
How long is the flight?
Ziang tluk a rei ding?
How long will it take?
Ziang tluk rei a caam ding?
How long will you be staying?
Fa paziat na nei?
How many children do you have?
Zarh khat ah nazi pa ziat hna na tuan?
How many hours a week do you work?
Tong phun ziat na thiam?
How many languages do you speak?
Pennsylvania hi peng ziat a hla?
How many miles is it to Pennsylvania?
New York ah minung ziang zat an um?
How many people are there in New York?
Nan sungkua ah minung pa ziat nan um?
How many people do you have in your family?
Mi pa ziat ? (Rawl dawr ah)
How many people?
Ziang zat.
How many?
An za te kom ah ziang zat?
How much altogether?
Hi hna khaih pawl hi ziang zat si?
How much are these earrings?
Ziang zat ka lo bak?
How much do I owe you?
Ni khat ah ziang zat a man?
How much does it cost per day?
Hi mi ziang zat a man?
How much does this cost?
Miami fehnak ding ah ziang zat a tul?
How much is it to go to Miami?
Hi mi hi ziangzat si?
How much is it?
Khami kha ziang zat si?
How much is that?
Hi hi ziang zat si?
How much is this?
Peisa ziang zat na nei?
How much money do you have?
Peisa ziang zat na ngah?
How much money do you make?
Ziang zat a man ding?
How much will it cost?
Ziang zat na duh?
How much would you like?
Kum ziat na si?
How old are you?
Ziang tluk na sang?
How tall are you?
Zuknung cu ziang a bang?
How was the movie?
Na tlawnnak ziang a bang?
How was the trip?
Sum hawlnak ziang a bang?
How's business?
Ni khua ziang a bang?
How's the weather?
Na hna zaing a bang?
How's work going?
Zam rang!

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