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Zirnak 78 - Jim in tawn awk ding a thulh.

Zirnak zaten nitin biak sawn awknak ih hman mi an si. Tongluan awsuah ngai na duh le cakawm sungih tongtluan kha thawfung thawn hmet aw. Tongfang aw-suah ngai na duh le a tongfang parah na thawhfung hmet aw. Mirang tongfang ih san thei na duh mi a tongfang parah hmet aw.

Biak sawn awknak

Tongdan kel ten:

Muang te tongmi:

Biak sawn awknak tongtluan

Chin/Mirang (Thup)
Aw-suah (Muang)
Aw-suah (tongkel)
Jessica Hey, tu te kha Jim ka biak.
Hey, I just talked to Jim.
Mark Ziang a ti?
What did he say?
Jessica Tui sunhnu tawn khawm ding kha ka thulhsal a tul, a ti.
He said he had to cancel the meeting this afternoon.
Mark Oh, si ngai.
Oh, I see.
Jessica A poinak a um maw?
Is there a problem?
Mark Aih, poi lo. Amah le keimah mikhual thuthawn pehpar in biak awk ding kan nei.
No, It's not a big deal. He and I were supposed to talk to some new customers today.
Jessica Aw, cucu theihnuam lo zet si ual.
Sorry to hear that.
Mark A tha ko ding. Tuhrang ziangmawzat hitin asinak a si thlang.
It's OK. This has been happening quite a bit recently.
Jessica A danglam zet. Ziangruangah ti ka thei lo.
That's strange. I wonder why?
Mark An nu a dam lo ih a cancan cu tuamhlawm dingin tuanten a thlun a tul theu.
His wife has been sick, so sometimes he has to go home early to take care of her.
Jessica Si ngai. Hnatuan theh ziang a bang?
I see. How's work been going?
Mark Ziangkim a nuamte zet. Na phone ka lo sang duak thei maw, ka ta a battery a cemzik ih himi thu sim dingin ka boss ka sim a tul.
Things are slow right now. Would you mind if I borrow your phone, mine's out of batteries and I have to call my boss to tell him about this.
Jessica Ok, ka motor sungah a um. Ka ve la duak ding maw.
OK, let me go get it. Its in the car.

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